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UPDATE  10-15-12
Welcome and aloha from Hawaii. I hope you enjoy my music.
My music can be heard or Downladed in my "Listening Room"
more new stuff to come in the near future so keep checking back for updates. Please excuse all the adds. That's what happens with a free site.
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   Here you'll learn all about me: my music, and the tools I use to create my compositions. I have been writing music for over 40 years but only recently discovered the benefits of Tablature editing to creat MIDI orchestrations.

   All of the MIDI compositions that you listen to on this site were created totally on my computer. No live instruments were used. No premade loops were used. Every note, beat, rest of every instrument was written with a mouse using "Guitar Pro 4" Tablature editor. I hope you enjoy my music and please feel free to sign my guest book with any comments.


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Kipahulu 2011

Dream Pool Day
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Dream Pool
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Winter 2010
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Donny Pike 2011
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Donald R. Pike
Singer, published songwriter, entertainer inducted with The Lettermen into the "Vocal Group Hall of Fame" in 2001 and now Composer currently living in Kipahulu Maui, Hawaii

Here is what some happy listeners have said after receiveing my MP3 CD

     I Love it............  I have been going through many tough personal times.  Your musical gift has kept me going, kept me to looking towards the positive.  And for that I am truly grateful.
"Donny Pike never ceases to amaze.  His musical compositions are truly timeless.  He has used a relatively new medium to bring all of us joy, happiness and wonderful emotion.  I can't think of better relaxation, or sometimes, romantic sounds to rejoice to. My 7 year old daughter hums them constantly.  I have never felt better, and more up, than listening to his brilliant compositions.  I am so critical and negative of new and current artists, but Donny has been the first that I have added to my mp3 player in years."
 Patrick Fullerton  (Bradenton Fl.)

     I've been listening to your MP3 CD when I'm in my car, especially after work on my way home.  Your music is very soothing to the soul!  I'm enjoying it.  Thank you!
  Michelle   (Bridgwater Ct.)

    Donny's music is a captivating journey through life's experiences set to music. Close your eyes and let your imagination take you on a voyage through time. There is a mood and theme for every emotion. Put your mind in neutral and let the music rekindle memories, images, and scenes of life's adventures. Then travel forward in time to get a glimpse of a future devoid of the events of the present day. Take the time to escape, even if briefly, on a relaxing odyssey where only your mind and Donny's music can take you. I give this collection Five Stars!
  Danny Reader  (Idaho Falls Id.)

Make a donation of $25.00 or better and I will send you a CD with all six of my CDs in 320kbs MP3 format. Five and a half hours of relaxing original music. 101 tracks
Donny Pike

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